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Prayer for the Week: O Lord, teach me to select my pleasures with care, that I may not plunge into joyful moments that are irretrievable. May I indulge in the pleasures that bring happiness and not weariness. Grant that I may have the honor to protect others from harm and loss, as I engage in my pleasures and in my work. Amen. 

Our logo "Together on a journey to excellence” is at the foundation of everything we do. We value children’s well-being and their education above all else and put the needs of our children at the heart of all our decision making. Put simply – children come first.

Our approach to the curriculum is “To bring learning to life”, delivering a personalised approach to learning to promote enjoyment and develop a life-long love of learning. We hope to encourage a shared commitment to the success of our children, where parents have a positive role in Headteachercomplementing and supporting everything we do. At Adisham CEP School, this will be achieved in an environment influenced by Christian values. Our Christian values aim to encourage a sense of friendship, compassion, respect and truth in all children and provide the basis for all that we do and achieve throughout the school.